Jaguar Mark VII Convertable

Yet another Mark VII. This ones a 4 speed manual that had what looks to be a hard life. The engine is sad, head bolts and valve covers gone, left outside for years, its hard to say what can be done with the motor. It still cranks, maybe its worth trying to bring back to life, perhaps fuel injected? This one needs a new color choice, black is not a good color for the lines of these cars, maybe another silver like the rare '52?

Where the car sat for a number of years.

In its new home, out of the weather, waiting for more attention. Sitting beside a Mustang getting a new wire harness.

Frame prepped, body removed and lots of new sheet metal added, engine installed (Jag V-12, first generation but updated with fuel injection), 4 speed auto, Independent Rear Suspension (IRS), power steering rack and 4 wheel disc brakes.  And its a convertible now so the pillars have been reinforced so the rear doors don't sag.