1965 Mustang

A swamp find (literally parked in a soft bog/swamp area) in need of much attention (lower body rusted thru, suspension no longer attached to the body). It took all day (10 hours) to load it on the trailer 30 feet away; it was buried deep. Its an original 3 speed with a 170 cubic inch straight 6. Not particularly rare, but still fun and easy to update.

The day the car came home; moss growing on all of the panels. Rear end is just sitting under the car loose, drivers side front was the only wheel still attached.

The best way to finish the underside of a car. For uni-bodies (like the Mustang), you have to make sure the body is strong enough to tolerate this position. The body shell has been seam welded rather than just spot welded, makes it about as strong as it can be. It helps that nearly all of the metal has been replaced (every thing from shock towers to floors, quarter panels, and cowl). The roof and some of the fire wall are original.

In the paint booth, ready for color.

Originally white with red pin-stripes. Now red with white monte carlo stripes.

Drive train installation, same way the factory did it (well sort of); less risk to the body and paint this way.

Completed as delivered to its owner (W. Briercliffe). New floors, fenders, doors, quarters, interior, drive train, glass and wheels.