Mark 2

Another barn find.  From its state I assume the original engine had a failure because the original 3.8l was completely disassembled and another spare 3.4 (also disassembled) was included.   A lot of the parts are interchangeable and I think there are enough parts to rebuild the correct (numbers matching) 3.8.  

The body is in very good shape, some metal work was done, body covered in primer and surfacer in places.  Missing most all of the interior though.

I happen to have a spare 3.8l with the triple SU's in my spare motor pile but I think the original engine should stay with the car.  Once they are separated they will never be reunited.  But the original 3.8 was just the dual SU so it will likely get a fuel injection upgrade.
Test fitting a 3.8 to see how close the triple SU's are...turns out very close, in fact would need to cut the inner fender.  That seems too much of a modification so the original 3.8 will be rebuilt and injected
Testing body colors.  This medium green isn't doing it.  Going to try the classic British Racing Green next.