Jaguar Mark VII Renewed

A numbers matching survivor from California, discovered in a northern Minnesota barn disassembled and abandoned. The car has been restored to nearly original condition. Sufficient for drives and non-competitive (concours) car shows. To be good enough for concours campaigns, every nut and every bolt needs to be clean and correct; better than new. This car has survived 60+ years without that, no need to change it now; that's why this is a renewal, not a restoration.

The Mark VII is the first Jaguar Saloon to use the XK engine which ultimately ended up in the E-Type, XK-120's, and in updated form all the way into the 80's in the XJ-6. Famous owners of the Mark VII include the Queen Mum (of England).

The day the car came home, engine frozen and incomplete, transmission unknown, no interior, missing glass and chrome but good metal body and reasonable paint.

In progress, body mostly done with paint polished and chrome (brights) installed; still missing glass, interior yet to be started.

Original door panels measured and documented; the aftermarket speaker holes were not included in the replacement panels; although the tool boxes are (big rectangular hole in the bottom of the door).

Front interior upholstery done; wood work still to be refinished.

Back seat done as well.

Wood work all done.

At its first car show. The first time the car has been out in many many years.

Out on display

All dressed up for its new owners R. and J. to come and take it home. Added the fender mirrors at their request; a typical dealer installed option.