One of a kind

A custom built, custom designed car. Not every project needs to be a Jaguar. This one gets attention when I'm between Jaguar projects. It goes down the road very well, but has a very light front end. Makes steering somewhat non-deterministic; at least on loose surfaces or heavy acceleration.

Designing and fabricating the rear body lift. Given I like the way the E-type did their engine bay cover, I figured I'd try my own version of a rear cover design.

Designing the doors and body panels.

Rear end opens as designed. It gives lots of access to the custom engine and drivetrain. The engine is a simple small block chevy with a custom designed fuel injection system. The transaxle is from a 70's front wheel drive Oldsmobile moved to the back end. The transaxle is built for power, it even made it into class C motor homes that were front wheel drive.

Body panels painted, ready for assembly.

Engine built and wired with the fuel injection system. Runs very well. I'm going for an industrial look to it, so not a lot of chrome or bling.