Jags by Briercliffe history

Our history....

Jags by Briercliffe was started by Brad Briercliffe in 2014 as a way to describe his hobby of rebuilding Jaguars (and other notable cars). The concept is nearly a business but not quite yet. Its at the point of looking for people that have projects that need to be completed but need some help.

All of the work that is showcased on this site have been done in house with only a few specific tasks outsourced. Until someone shows up with a project, I'll keep building what I like. It turns out I get more enjoyment from rebuilding the cars than from driving them so I'll build them, and maintain them but once they are done, they don't get much attention.

Brad Briercliffe (BSc, MSc Hons) was an engineer for a major defense contractor for 20+ years, ultimately retiring as a Chief Engineer. Having traveled around the world during his career, he finds it nice to stay home now and work at his own pace.