Jaguar Mark VII Restomod

This Mark VII Jaguar was not quite a barn find, it was parked in the 60's beside the barn, not actually inside it; the license plate had 1965 tabs on it. Sadly, the Minnesota DMV couldn't track the car based on either its VIN or its license plate; and the DMV did not allow the license plate to be reinstated. The car was not numbers matching, and had been hit hard in the back quarter at some point in its life. The frame was undamaged but the body work was in poor condition, although someone did try to pound the metal to a near approximation of its original form. Given this one was not a numbers matching car it has become a resto-mod (restoration / modification). In this case, an early 90's XJ-6 Jaguar donor car was used as the source of engine, transmission, braking, suspension, air-conditioning and safety belts. The XJ-6 has strong heritage with the Mark VII sharing the same engine (both used the XK straight 6), and many styling cues (the XJ-6 back seat lined up perfectly with the Mark VII seat pedestal). The interior is done in a light gray (close to the original), and the body color will remain the same. All modifications were done with Jaguar equipment; this car is sort of what it could have been if it was 40 years younger.

The day the car came home.

Original engine. Got it running, but this isn't going to be its final resting place. A newer edition of the XK engine is going in this engine bay.

And yes, this is a frame off restoration. Frame has been cleaned and painted, new steering rack installed, new control arms and hubs, and independent rear end installed. Test fitting the engine and transmission.

Test fitting the body over the newly rebuilt chassis (original frame, new drive Jaguar drive train). Body work mostly completed. All new metal welded in place (rockers, floor, trunk floor, etc. No point in painting until major fabrication is complete.

Paint is done but not sure of the color.

Body is installed.  Chassis is done.  Changed the color from the original black.  The car lost too many body line details in the sunlight.; so trying something a little different now.  Not exactly a factory color, but then this isn't an exact restoration.

Body work mostly finished.  Still needs the rest of the glass installed and the suspension height set.  The newer XK engine is heavier so the car sits a little lower.  A/C still doesn't work yet, but the electric windows and sunroof all work fine.

The goal for this one is to look exactly factory but drive like a modern car, which it is now.  Upgrades include 4.2l fuel injected XK engine (original is the 3.5l), 4 speed auto, power rack steering, 4 wheel power disc brakes, IRS, fuel tank relocated inside the frame rails for safety, power windows, power sunroof and AC. 

Engine fully dressed and ready to go.  Replaced the original Mass Air Flow factory fuel injection with a simpler and more forgiving speed density style.  Engine always starts and eliminates the cold start injector, cold air relay and a host of other hard to find pieces.