Jaguar Series 1.5 E-Type restoration

This series 1.5 E-Type Jaguar was purchased new by C. Briercliffe in 1966; delivered to Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. It was used as a daily driver for some time (the car has 48,000 miles on it), but was disassembled for a complete restoration. C. Briercliffe was an MIT educated mechanical engineer so he was certainly qualified for the task. Unfortunately, he didn't live long enough to finish the restoration.

The car has moved on to B. Briercliffe (nephew) in 2001 when the Craig died. Now the car resides in Minnesota USA where the restoration was completed. Although the car is on its second owner, its never left the family, and hopefully never will.

The car was professionally appraised as a Category 2; it can still be driven to car shows and the occasional outing without the need to pamper it in a trailer. The Jag E-type is a truly fun car to drive, trailering it would be a waste.

The day the car was new in 1966

The same car, 50 years later. Restored to original condition

Body shell in the paint booth, ready for color

Bonnet ready for paint as well.

Original engine rebuilt and renewed.

Original interior cleaned and repaired and renewed.

Ready for another 50 years. The picture below was also taken by Jaci from