Rare Jaguar 52 Mark VII

This 1952 Mark VII is a little different. The wire wheels are the first indicator its special (real wire wheels just like the Mark II and E-Type). The air intake is also different (looks like its from an XK-120) but uses factory adapted pieces, even the spark plug wires are unique (clear insulator around the high voltage conductor). This one has spent many years in a barn but is getting ready for the road, hopefully this summer. Watch this page to see its progress.

This is where the car was found.  Sitting in the corner of a barn just waiting for someone to take it home..

A little road rash from storage, and a couple of good dents in the front end, but nothing too serious.   Was missing the grill and hood ornament.  Borrowing them from another Mark VII for now.

Got a lot done now.  Firewall was repaired (rusted thru from a leaking battery), so its now got an epoxy coating and painted the correct factory color.  Also, braking system has been completely rebuilt; new master cylinder, slave cylinder, booster, brake lines, wheel cylinders, drums turned; essentially everything replaced but the brake pedal.  Fuel system also rebuilt from the gas tank thru the carbs.  Carbs were rebuilt (new floats needles, seats, seals) also a new starting carb added; old one was missing too many pieces. 

Interior put back together, not missing many pieces now.  Just some of the switches in the dash.  Also missing the chrome ring that goes around the back window.  Might be not be possible to find that part.

Doors are mostly complete, missing the retaining arms that control the quarter windows.  Again, might be hard one to find.

Coolant system rebuilt as well.  Original radiator has a new core installed, custom built to match original V pattern.  Also, front suspension has been rebuilt, new upper and lower ball joints as well as control arm bushings.  Still a few more rubber pieces to install, but focusing on drive train and body work for now.

Updated the front brakes to disc units.  Easier to find parts, and much better at stopping.  Also, it looks good to see the disc and rotors thru the wire wheels.  The rotor looks tiny in the picture but is actually a 12" unit. 

Panels are better aligned, charging system works now, all of the lights work, painting is done (did the entire car, just too hard to match the original color), and clear coat; started the polishing process, still a few blemishes to fix.  Just about done with this one.  Things left to do include converting the front end to disc brakes & fixing the gas gauge.  Then its time to drive the car and see if there are any other issues.  If not, then its time for this one to find a new home.

First time the car has been out in public in a very long time; at the local car show.  Car got into town just fine and drove home no issues.  Time for this one to go up for sale.

More pictures below from Jaci of ImagesDiscovered.com

Another trip out for the car.  It's best if they go out regularly; keeps everything working right.

Photos below kindly shared by Toni at thisoldhorse.org  and  tthomasphotography.com